Photos of this old man immediately went viral online as he shared photos of him together with his 26-year-old gorgeous wife!

Marriage is such a sacred and holy ceremony here in the Philippines. Maybe that is the reason why a lot of people have different perspectives and comments about many things about marriage. But the story of this old man with his young and gorgeous wife left many netizens in awe as he shared photos of them happy together with a caption that says that they have tied the knot long after meeting each other.

A lot of people could not believe that such a beautiful, young, and gorgeous lady would fall in love with an old man like him. Many of them commented that the young lady only wanted money from the old man as it is really impossible for her to genuinely love him. The old Taiwanese man revealed that he had a longtime girlfriend for 5 years before he met his wife but they had eventually broken up because of an unidentified reason, he then met this young, beautiful and gorgeous Vietnamese lady and they fell in love with each other.

As many people assumed that the young wife is only after his money, he revealed that he just sells food from the stall at the sidewalk. But many people could not still believe about their love story that is why they continue to comment mean and hurtful words in the viral post. A lot of judgment can clearly be felt on those people’s insensitive words towards the couple.

In our society nowadays, it seems to be very difficult to be happy and contented in what you have as many people will always have something to say with almost everything you do, you say, or you think. A lot of people seem to be very insensitive nowadays and they tend not to consider other people’s feelings. May this be a reminder to many people out there to be happy with other people’s happiness than to say hurtful words on them.