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Parents went back to Raffy Tulfo’s program to gave an update about their 16-year old son and his 26-year old teacher girlfriend!

The public was shocked to know about the 16-year old student who ran away from home and live together with his 26-year old girlfriend who was actually a teacher by profession.

The minor was known to be Noel and his parents, Tatay Ambrosio and Nanay Erlinda Geguiera, courageously asked help from Raffy Tulfo’s program.

They went back to the popular program to give an update about their son. Noel shared that he come back home a few days after his parents asked help from Raffy Tulfo. The young boy revealed that he wanted to fulfill his parents’ desire for him to finish his studies first. He also cleared that he never wanted to break up with his girlfriend despite their 10 year age gap.

It will be remembered that the teacher pretended to be a 15-year old student when she was first introduced by Noel to his parents on their home.

Source: rachfeed