No matter what children do, parents would always care about the welfare of their children. This happened to the parents of a 16-year old student named Noel who run away from home because his parents did not allow his girlfriend to sleep with him.

The said girlfriend pretended to be a 15-year old student from Bulacan, but later on, Noel told his parents that she is already 26-years old and a was actually a pre-school teacher.

Parents of Noel asked help from the program of the famous broadcaster Raffy Tulfo as they wanted their son to finish his studies first before prioritizing anything else. They tried to contact Angelika Uy, the pre-school teacher girlfriend of their 16-year old son Noel but they did not answer the calls.

Raffy suggested that they would ask help from the Women’s and Children’s Desk to escort them and eventually had their minor child back and let him finish his studies for his future.
You can watch the whole video below

Source: RachFeed

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