P23 million bridge without a river under it made the public confused, DPWH offers an explanation!

Many of us are used to seeing a bridge with a river underneath. But this bridge which costs P23 million pesos doesn’t really have any river or bodies of water visible nearby. The controversial bridge was later known as the Buenavista Slab Bridge found in Bontoc, Southern Leyte which made many people wonder why is it even possible to have a bridge without any bodies of water.

There were some netizens who commented that the bridge was that expensive because the local government will also be building a river that comes with it. Some other netizens even commented that it was actually the best bridge ever because the local officials had already built a bridge even before the river appeared!

The photos of the bridge without a river under it went viral on different social media platforms and it also became the subject of a lot of hilarious memes. You wouldn’t believe that it actually became an instant tourist spot because there were a lot of people who had their photos taken on the bridge, after all, it was not every day when we got to see a bridge with no body of water beneath it.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) explained the said project which made the public curious and mock about the riverless bridge that was built on the ground. According to their explanation, the road had been rebuilt three times because it just keeps on sinking. They thought that there was a sinkhole that is why it is always sinking, they had conducted tests and it had shown that the ground was often soft because of the underwater river.

For the safety of the people living in the area as well as the commuters who pass on the road every single day, the local DPWH engineers decided to design a bridge-like structure spanning from 7 meters wide to 50 meters long. The foundation was placed deep in the ground to secure the bridge in place.

Source: GMA