Overseas Filipino Workers’ hardship saddened the public, many people could relate that it was never easy to be an OFW!

Many Filipinos here in the Philippines had a family member or a loved one who is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). True enough that it was never and would never be an easy job to be one. OFWs face homesickness, far-away from the comfort of home and family, different culture, change of climate, as well as some not-so-good employers.

We oftentimes heard on some news about some OFWs who were suffer from the hands of their not so kind employers. They also work so hard until they literally drop especially those Filipino domestic helpers. Some photos of them went viral on social media as it was shared by the “Kwentong OFW”. In some of the photos, Filipino workers were doing their job even outside a high-rise building cleaning windows or hanging laundry. There were also photos of how they eat and what they eat on their respective works. Some of them also carried sacks of rice during their working hours. They also had egg, canned goods and instant noodles for their food which are not healthy as they were doing so much work for the whole day.

Source: kwentongofw