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Old plastic bottles were used by this kind-hearted woman to build more than 300 homes for the poor!

Home is where love begins. It is where parents nourish, love, and taught their children with so many things about life and self-love. It was indeed true that there is no place like home. A place where you can always be your own self and you can always feel loved and taken care of.

Recently, this professional lawyer named Ingrid Vaca Diez from Bolivia helped out some less fortunate people for them to have a decent home that is environmental friendly as well.
She always stood up for the rights of her clients as a lawyer at any given cost, anytime. But aside from that, she also have a generous and kind heart to help people in need. She is also a self-taught architect and designer as she had started a project of building affordable houses that are made from plastic bottles for underprivileged families in their country.

Despite the fact that she is living a comfortable life, she still wanted to help in the rising problem of her country in poverty and garbage. It actually started when her husband saw a lot of plastic bottles at their backyard and he just told her that he can almost build a house because of so many empty plastic bottles. It is where she gets the idea of building houses by using empty plastic bottles and even empty glass bottles.

She had also visited a local school in their area and she was moved when she read one of the letters of the students who wrote a letter about what they really wanted for Christmas. One of the students expressed through her letter how she really wanted more room for their family as they were only living in a small room and it was a big problem because their house was made of rubber and cartons before.

But with the help of Ingrid and some of her friends they were able to collect a large number of plastic bottles and they filled those with dirt and sand and used them to build houses instead of costly bricks. For them to build a house of 1,830 square feet they needed about 36,000 empty plastic bottles.

But it was really interesting to know that they were able to build more than 300 hoises from recycling a lot of plastic bottles that had been a very bug problems of their country even until today.