Netizens laughed over thin sickly looking version of Jollibee at the grand opening in Calgary!

Have you heard about “Jollibee Langhap-Sarap”? It is something about the delectable aroma of foods and even if you are still outside of that food establishment, you can easily distinguish and say that it is a Jollibee restaurant. It has been one of the most favorites and loved fast-food chains here in the country. You will definitely crave on its best tasting products like peach mango pie, burger steak, Jollibee spaghetti, and ChickenJoy.

But aside from its delicious foods and friendly crews, what’s most interesting about the store is their very own Jollibee mascot and friends. It was just recently when this Jollibee mascot took social media by storm. It is because Jollibee mascot is known for being so fat that you cannot easily hug him tight, he also wears yellow-and-red striped pants with oversized yellow shoes. But much more than that, he is full of joy and wears a very big and beautiful smile for everyone.

Last September 20, 2019, was the grand opening of the very first Jollibee store in Calgary, Alberta in Canada and a lot of Filipino lined up at the middle of the cold weather just to have a taste of Jollibee products. But there was this Jollibee mascot who looks so thin and seems to be s!ck? It was a certain Flip Doctolero who shared a photo of a skinny Jollibee with a sad-looking face. It garnered a lot of comments and reactions online and many people could not help but made fun of it. How come that he became so thin like that in Canada when the Jollibee we knew ever since we are young is very joyful and fat.

It was really not an easy thing to be away from home. It was indeed a great blessing to have these kinds of establishments in other parts of the world for our fellow countrymen to somehow feel the warmth of home and family. That is why a lot of Filipinos especially those who work overseas are very grateful that finally, they can taste once again some delicious foods that they are craving for back in the Philippines.