Mom of a 5-year-old kid discovered that her son ordered almost P5,000 worth of Shopee products and a lot more expensive items on the Shopee cart!

Children nowadays are really different from other children who grew up in the 90s to early 2000s. Before, a lot of children tend to enjoy playing outdoors and being with their friends and classmates. But today, most of the children prefer playing gadgets and other mobile devices instead of engaging themselves with the people around them.

It can really be one of the greatest dilemmas of many parents out there seeing their children enjoying playing their gadgets more than socializing with other people.

Unfortunately, this mom really had a literally big problem because of her son being so busy with her phone and seems to enjoy doing some shopping on an online shopping app which resulted from him to purchased items worth almost P5,000!

Cassandra Nichole Alegre didn’t really know what to do as her 5-year-old son Yves ordered three pieces of the same toy and six of mini air conditioning units. But aside from those items who were already processed by the seller and no way to be canceled.
Alegre found out that there are a lot more expensive items that her son has on her shopping cart one of those is a Vivo X21 smartphone worth Php15,279 that Yves ordered in four units! He also ordered 59 units of licensed Ford Ranger toy (in orange) that costs Php13,999 and two more of this same toy in black. The kid also put 25 units of a rechargeable camouflage jeep that costs Php8,999 each.

Yves also purchased 40 units of another remote-controlled toy. He also bought 10 pairs of an original Nike Air Jordan 3 shoes in size 31 and another 10 pairs of Nike Jordan shoes in size 41!

There are also 32 units of a Chinese tablet which costs Php3,599 each, 12 units of another tablet brand, plus 1 unit of Globe prepaid wifi! And a lot more items on the cart.