Millions of trees were planted by this couple in their hometown and they were very surprised with the results!

Many people all over the world knew that it has been a couple of years ago since our planet experienced immense cutting of trees for commercial use and it really affect our environment greatly. And because we already lose a lot of plants and trees everywhere, it resulted global warming, p0llution, flood, and landslides. Little did we know that when we are going to help each other and plant even a single tree a year, it could be a great difference and maybe somehow save the remaining trees we have.

Just like this couple who decided to plant a lot of trees in the past 20 years! They were actually surprised with the result of their idea. Sebastiao Ribeiro Salgado was a photo journalist assigned to Rwanda before. But after several years of being away from his hometown he decided to come back in Minas Gerais in Brazil to rejuvenate and relax as he was really stressed and he wanted to see once again his relaxing and green hometown that was full of plants and trees.

But he was very disappointed when he saw their place and there was very few trees already and the forest will soon be in a deforestation stage. Instead of finding peace and quite in this home town, he find nothing but the destr0yed forest in their place. Fortunately, his wife Leila had a very great idea of reviving and replanting the forest. When they started their plan, insects, fish, and other animals seem to come back and return in their place and his own self was reborn as well which became the most important moment.

It was back in 1998 when the couple established an institution to bring back the green and healthy forest of their town. They partnered with different group of people and volunteers for their project to succeed. Since then, they were able to plant more than 2.7 million trees to the 1,502 hectares of land. A lot of people praised the couple for their amazing care and love for their environment and for the whole planet as well.