Meet this gorgeous and beautiful woman who was dubbed as the most beautiful transporter who earns a lot of money from her job!

This woman is known for her incredible beauty and who works as a full time transporter that made rounds in different social media platforms in 2017. She was later known as the 31-year-old Zhu Qianpei who carries heavy types of equipment and things that she usually delivers to their customers every day. Her photos went viral online as a netizens was left in awe with her admirable beauty and gorgeous appearance.

At first glance, many people can possibly mistake her as a famous celebrity or personality because of her porcelain skin and incredible beauty. But Qianpei was actually a transporter of equipment and other things in their place in a shop alley in Hong Kong.

When her photos went viral in 2017, a lot of people approached her and asked her if they could take a selfie. She is now living all by herself in Hong Kong, while her mother lives in Taiwan and her father resides in China.

According to “Dimsum Daily”, Qianpei works as a transporter for more than a decade now. A difficult job for a lot of women out there but she revealed that she really enjoys being a transporter and it was also a decent job. She also revealed in one of her interviews that she was the happiest when she delivers stuff as she would always feel free and there was no office politics. The pay for her job was also good and enough for herself.

Often times, a transporter in Hong Kong earns more or less HKD13,000 to HKD14,000 or equivalent to US$1658-US$1785. Their wage increase depends on how heavy their delivers are. Her job was indeed a very tiring one but she would just treat it as her everyday work out routine.

But it can also be stressful some times especially when she has to rush from one location to another and when their customers told her to hurry up and to deliver the goods quickly. Qianpei knew that she could not walk for a lifetime with her kind of job that is why she is planning to buy a heavy duty truck for her work to be much more easier.