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Meet the talented and handsome son of Jose Manalo!

Most famous celebrities nowadays came from a very popular clan and because they are carrying such name they can easily penetrate in the show business industry. But there were also some people who wanted to establish their own name in the industry on their own. Just like this actor who is actually the son of a veteran comedian and actor Jose Manalo. Ariel Pagtalonia Manalo, professionally known as Jose Manalo is a 53-year-old actor comedian and director.

He is known for being a jolly and bubbly host in the noon-time variety show Eat Bulaga! on GMA Network. He has five children from Anna Lyn and two other children from a previous marriage: Myki Manalo, Benj Manalo, Nicco Manalo, Ai Manalo, and Colyn Manalo.

One of his children Benj Manalo is also making a name in the show business. He has appeared in the musical ‘Rak of Aegis’ alongside Aicelle Santos. He had also appeared in some other television series with award-winning actors like Coco Martin. He recently launched his vlog, “#BenjFTW” which he releases on his official Facebook account.

Not so many people are aware that Benj already had a lot of experiences when it comes to performing in front of other people. He was actually a theatre actor even before entering the industry. Despite being a theatre and a television actor he still manages to be the best in both of his chosen genres. Benj married a 33-year-old dancer, host, comedienne, entrepreneur, and an actress Lovely Abella.

Their relationship inspire a lot of people especially those couple who are already in a long-term relationship. Recently, he expressed how much he loves his wife through his social media account. He shared how grateful he was for the three long years of laughter, memories, joy, and love that shared together and he is looking forward for more wonderful years with her.