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Meet the oldest woman in the world who gave birth at 72 years old!

It will always be a blessing to have children and to be a parent. But it also has challenges and struggles that come s with it. Many couples were blessed to have children in a few months or years after they were all married. But there were actually those people who waited for so long to become parents. This is the story of Daljinder Kaur and his wife.

They had waited for 46 years to welcome their little bundle of joy. At the age of 72 years, Kaur’s wife became the oldest women to have given birth. With the help of “In Vitro Fertilization”, the couple had undergone some process by collecting their sperm and egg cell and when fertilization finally took place, they transferred the fertilized egg to the wife’s womb for it to continue growing there. They named their child Armaan, though he was only breastfed for 3 months he still looks very handsome and the couple was indeed very blessed.