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Meet the international model baby sitter of Scarlet Snow Belo!

Scarlet Snow Belo is one of the most loved and admired celebrity children in our society nowadays. She is the daughter of celebrity doctors Dra. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho. She was introduced in May 2016 to the public as the beautiful and adorable child of the two well-known personalities. She was so cute that she actually earned a lot of fans and supporters at a very tender age. But she was not just a cute, talented little girl because she actually has a beautiful baby sitter as well.

The public was surprised to know that Baby Scarlet has an international fashion model baby sitter. Her name is Analu Araujo. She is a Brazilian model with a height of 5’10” with 34-23.5-35.5 vital statistics. A lot of netizens actually noticed her resemblance with the Kapamilya young actress Liza Soberano. Analu is actually a member of Wilhelmina Models, an international modeling agency that offered Liza Soberano a modeling career in 2016.

It was indeed a tough job to take good care of children, especially when they are having tantrums or they wanted to do something that may cause them harm. But still, she managed to be simply beautiful even without makeup. She has indeed an admirable and amazing beauty. No wonder that she get along so easily with Baby Scarlet, as they really share that wonderful beauty and cuteness of a cute little girl and a grown-up lovely woman. Many netizens actually wished that they can also be experiencing being in the same roof with a beautiful baby sitter like Analu and an adorable baby like Scarlet.

Scarlet will definitely grow up as beautiful, kind-hearted and generous lady as she was surrounded by so many beautiful people and they will surely help baby Scarlet to learn so many good things in life, for her to be the best version of herself and a wonderful woman in the future.