Meet the handsome and charming son of Jennelyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia, Alex Jazz that the public couldn’t resist!

Jennelyn Anne Pineda Mercado, professionally known as Jennelyn Mercado is a 31-year-old award-winning actress, commercial model, endorser, songwriter, and triathlete. She was popularly known by the public is the first winner of the GMA network’s first season of the reality television show, Starstruck, that opens a lot of opportunities for aspiring actors and actresses in the show business industry.

Aside from her successful career and blooming love life, she also has one of the greatest blessings she could ever pray for, her child Alex Jazz with her former boyfriend Patrick Garcia. Alex Jazz was born on August 16, 2008, when Jennelyn Mercado was still at the beginning of her career at 20 years old.

She was still very young at that time that she had even doubted herself if she can still make it in the show business industry as it changes a lot from time to time. It was also unknown to many that Jennelyn was legally adopted by her aunt, Lydia Mercado as her parents left her when she was still 6 months old and her father would have always be hit her.

It was really hard for her during her childhood days but look where she is now. She is one of the most successful actresses here in the Philippines. With the help of her auntie Lydia, her son Alex Jazz, boyfriend Dennis Trillo and her close friends she had overcome all those trials in life.

She was inspired and motivated by her son Alex Jazz who was very good-looking and handsome just like his parents. A lot of netizens could not help but be amazed by this young man as cameras tend to love him as well. It was really an amazing feeling and experience of being a mother. No wonder that she works hard to be successful and to be the best she can be for her son.