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Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared a glimpse of her maternity pictorial with her second child to husband Robin Padilla

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is known as one of the most beautiful faces in the industry today. She is also a fashion icon and known for her sweet personality which became her asset in all the projects she has done that really marked to the public. She shared a glimpse of her maternity sh00t her second child with the veteran action star in the country, Robin Padilla. She showed everyone that she is indeed an amazing and blooming soon-to-be mother of two.

Mariel posted photos of her maternity sh00t in that really stunned a lot of netizens. It can be observed in her photoshoot that it really looked like her first maternity pictorial with her eldest daughter Isabella. It was already three years ago when she gave birth to Isabella but her beauty seems to radiant even more.

That is why some other celebrities commented on her photo. One of them is Kelly Misa, the beautiful model and former co-host of Mariel in Wowowee. Even Neri Naig-Miranda, a mommy influencer, and actress expressed her admiration on the beautiful celebrity mom.

Another photo of her had also garnered a lot of comments and likes from the public as she poses like a supermodel while flaunting her baby bump wearing black and white-colored shoes. She even shared a video clip of her pictorial under the famous photography company Nice Print.

The Padilla family recently celebrated a gender reveal party wears Mariel and Robin already knew the gender of their second child and their soon-to-be second daughter will be named Maria Gabriella. As of this writing, Mariel is already on her third trimester of pregnancy. She is very happy that it was not a challenging experience with her second pregnancy as she had to left show business when she became pregnant with her eldest before because of her delicate condition.