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Mariel Padilla revealed the reason why Robin Padilla doesn’t want her to be pregnant again!

As a married couple, husband and wive dreams of having a peaceful and happy family and to have healthy children as well. But what if it is very complicated for the wife to get pregnant? How can the couple overcome this?

It was indeed a great blessing for the celebrity married couple, Mariel and Robin Padilla to welcome their adorable baby daughter Isabella in their lives. Who would have thought that she is once again blessed with another baby as she announced her pregnancy last May 2019?

Many people knew about the two miscarriages Mariel Padilla had before having Isabella and their second baby whose name was still a surprise to many. According to the “It’s Showtime” host and soon to be a mother of two revealed that she had to inject “heparin” twice a day. Though it was painful, she happily says that it was all worth it.

Now that she is negative to “Apas” as per her OB Dr. Eileen Manalo she is still taken care of every step of the way of her motherhood journey. She also added that her two children are naturally conceived despite the fact that she has PCOS, cysts in her ovaries, and even gestational diabetes in which she needed to inject insulin as well.

She had undergone a lot of sacrifices and painful things throughout her pregnancy up to giving birth, the reason why her husband award-winning actor Robin Padilla did not want her to be pregnant again. But she revealed that it was just a small price to pay for her to be a mother of God’s greatest creations. She also advised a lot of women and mothers out there who are experiencing the same struggle as she has.

And because she is now having her second baby, her husband Robin Padilla is very caring of her. It was indeed a great blessing for the wives and mothers to have such an amazing, and wonderful husband that would be there to support and help them every single day of their journey.