Lucky Pinay nurse won almost P167 million pesos in a raffle draw in Abu Dhabi!

A Pinay nurse gets very lucky to win a hefty amount of money in a raffle draw in Abu Dhabi. She won 12 million Dirhams, equivalent to almost P167 million pesos!

According to some reports, the lucky Pinay nurse is no other than Annabelle Maniklan. She owns the grand prize in “Big Ticket Abu Dhabi: The Dream 12 Million Series 210”. According to her, she has been trying her luck on the draw for the past four years but she never won anything. It was on November 29, 2019, when she tried to do join the raffle again and she actually became the winner on December 3, 2019. She also revealed that her friend also has 50 percent of her winning as they contributed money to pay for the raffle ticket.

“We cannot contain our happiness. I just finished the rosary when Richard called. I thank God for answering my prayer. I am in the UAE since 2011. We used to buy tickets on and off for the last four years. We are friends in two groups who share money and buy a ticket. One of my friends is now in the US. She left here in July with her last contribution and we decided to put it this month. Now all of us have won,” Annabelle said.

Annabelle has been living in Abu Dhabi for eight years already. Even though she won quite a large amount of money she still wants to work as a nurse in a government hospital in the United Arab Emirates. True enough that money cannot buy all the happiness and contentment in life. That’s maybe the reason why she chose working still instead of retiring and to settle for good in the Philippines.

But with such a great amount of money, she will surely have the ability and the capability to help her family, her relatives, and other people as well.