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Look at the cleanest public market in the Philippines!

People usually don’t want the foul odor and messy environment of wet markets especially here in the Philippines isn’t? Despite its foul and unpleasant environment, many people especially mother and those people who wanted to save money choose to buy fresh meats, vegetables and fish in this place as it is more cheap and fresh compared those in the supermarket.


But recently, many netizens could not help it but be amazed with this “wet market” that looks like a supermarket because of its incredible cleanliness that will make you think twice if you are really in the Philippines. But believe it or not, yes, it is in our country. The cleaniest wet market in the Philippines is located in Bukidnon. The “Maramag Public Market” really amazed many people because it is very organized, clean and looks so very different than any other wet market in the country.

A netizen known as Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman shared photos of this clean and organized wet market in Bukidnon. You will definitely be stunned by its supermarket grocery store look. Every single store in the market is fresh looking, they are all organized and clean! There are also some eatery and small restaurants in the area that were really inviting to dine.

The floors of the market was also very shiny and you can really believe that it is a wet market here in the Philippines.

This only shows that Filipino people can do so much wonder when they are given an opportunity to create amazing ideas and incredible things together.

Many people wishes that we can also have this kind of wet markets in other places all over the Philippines. Because it is not only the cleanliness of the products sold in the market nor the cleanliness of the place that counts, but most of all the efforts and the discipline of people who made everything possible.