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Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla-Abrenica decided to live simple, selling some of her clothes and accessories online!

Most of us wanted to have a simple life. Just a simple life where you and your family will be able to get your needs, having a simple home, foods, and clothes. These basic needs are the things we need to live comfortably yet simple.

There was nothing wrong wanting to live a simple life. What’s more important is that you can still provide for your family’s needs particularly there are foods on the table, roof for protection, clothing and proper education. There is also nothing wrong with living a wealthy life isn’t? Having such life can also be a great blessing and success for your hard work and perseverance.

Just like some of the famous celebrities we know nowadays that has a very comfortable and wealthy lifestyle. They were able to achieve their dreams in life because they really work hard for it.

One of them is the daughter of Robin Padilla, Kapuso actress Kylie Padilla who just instantly melt our heart away with her admirable beauty and character. She announced on her social media account that she will be downsizing her life and that she will be starting her online business.

She is now selling some of her pre-loved items. She named her business, “My Little Ukay-ukay” where she sells her pre-loved clothes and accessories as well as her husband’s and her son’s pre-loved clothes.

According to her post, she survived to live without a car and with only one bag of clothes and that where she knew that she can really survive having those minimal things in life. And with her online business she will be donating 10 percent of the proceeds to their chosen charity. It was really an amazing act of kindness and a big decision to make as we all know that celebrities tend to live lavishly but she decided the other way around.