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Kadenang Ginto star Dimples Romana had an amazing vacation with her family in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Dianne Marie Romana Ahmee, professionally known as Dimples Romana is a 34-year-old Kapamilya actress who was admired by the public because of her bubbly and genuine personality as well as her amazing talent in acting. She is best known for her exemplary performance as Daniela Bartolome in the afternoon series “Kadenang Ginto” together with Beauty Gonzales, Albert Martinez, Francine Diaz, and Andrea Brillantes.

Recently, Dimples together with her family explored Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Kapamilya actress posted a lengthy post on her social media account last October 28 as she shared photos of her adorable family in their much-needed vacation abroad. With her is her husband Boyet Ahmee and her children Callie and Alonzo.

She revealed that she had worked for 22 days straight for the past few weeks, she also did some endorsement shoots, as well as her upcoming movie with the “Unkaboggable Star” Vice Ganda entitled “The Mall, The Merrier”. Even though she had a lot of works in the past weeks, she is beyond blessed to finally have this kind much-awaited vacation. More than that, she was really glad to spend some quality time with her family.

She was also very grateful for her family who has been very understanding and forgiving on the days that she was not able to go home because of work. According to the series of photos which Dimple’s shared online, they enjoyed exploring some local stores, dining restaurants, and some popular tourist spots in the area like “The Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and the “Dubai Desert Safari”.

The gift of family is indeed one of the most precious and amazing things we could ever have in this lifetime.

Although there are some of us who didn’t have a chance to have such an amazing gift, we can still be sure that deserving people will be sent for us to love and to be loved.