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Jeepney passengers help this old beggar as the driver’s wife embarrassed him in front of everyone!

What could be the possible basis for us to know that someone is actually higher than the other? Is it money? social status? clothes? or physical appearance? Well, actually there is no basis at all! Each and every one of us is equal. All of us are human. Although a lot of people thought that they have higher educational attainment and successful career than other people it is still not a reason for us to treat people without respect and to embarrass them in front of many people.

Good thing that there are still some people who can surely defend other people who are oppressed by other people even in their own little way. Just like this incident that was shared by a certain netizen named Renzel Sobrepena as she was riding a jeepney going home there was this old and poor beggar who also rode the jeep. After a while, this woman embarrassed the poor man in front of everyone. Some of the passengers were angered by what the woman did to the poor beggar and they told her to stop it.

The old woman was actually the wife of the jeepney driver, and as she didn’t want to stop embarrassing the old beggar the other passengers stand to defend the poor old man. The jeepney driver demanded the old beggar to rode off the jeepney and to get down at the 5th Avenue but the passengers especially Renzel insisted that she paid for his fare and he should be brought down on the Monumento. But the tension arises and the driver’s wife still wanted the poor man to go down and walk his way to his destination. At the end, almost all the passengers were defending the poor old beggar from the jeepney driver and his bad-mouthed wife.