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Jayda Avanzado, Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado’s daughter surprise netizens with her amazing beauty and her admirable wit!

We Filipinos gave a lot of importance in quality education as we know that it can help us achieve our dreams and help our families as well. It is the key to our success and our way of achieving our dreams in life.

That is why a lot of young people should know the importance and value of good quality education and they should always remember that studying hard and putting our hearts into it will always be something special we can give our parents who sacrifice a lot in giving us everything we need in life just to make us comfortable and successful.

Even though it was never easy for many people to juggle their studies together with their work and other commitments they still find time to be able to finish and do their best with their education. Just like the daughter of the celebrity couple Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado, Jayda Avanzado.

True enough that she is admired by a lot of people because of her admirable beauty and talents but she is also a total package for being such a smart academic achiever. Beauty and brains as many netizens would have described her.

She is as beautiful as her gorgeous mother, a 40-year-old Filipina singer, and actress who doesn’t really seem like she’s already in her 40s! Her father, Fernando Cyril “Dingdong” Veloso Avanzado is already 51-years-old but he really is as handsome as before. No doubt that she got the beautiful genes of her parents. A lot of her fans and supporters couldn’t help but be mesmerized with her admirable beauty.

She completed her Junior High School with flying colors! The 16-year-old celebrity daughter revealed that she was the one who chooses to home school for her to be able to study and to work at the same time. She really has a passion for singing, acting and in music. She was indeed an amazing and inspirational young lady isn’t?