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Japanese man left by her Filipina wife who asked help from Raffy Tulfo now had a new job!

Filipinos are known to be helpful, hospitable and loving. But recently, this Japanese man named Hiroyuki asked help from the famous program of Raffy Tulfo after her wife left him. It was a sad story to know that our fellow Filipino did this to someone and had actually left her own family.

The poor Japanese Hiroyuki was left with nothing but his children alone. That is why Raffy Tulfo helped him to recover and helped his children more than anyone else. Now, Mr. Hiroyuki is a call center agent who receives a 90,000 pesos salary a month.

He knows how to speak English, Tagalog, and Japanese, it has been a big help for him to know those languages and dialects since he is a call center agent.

His eldest child chose to be with his wife as well as his other child who is a PWD. With the help of Mr. Raffy Tulfo, the Japanese man is able to recover from his loss.



Source: Thetrendingplanet