Japanese hotel lets you book for $1 but the catch is they will live stream your every move!

A lot of people love to travel and explore different places and other countries nowadays. And as they travel they also look for great accommodations. Would you believe that there was this budget place in Japan where a guest can actually book for only 130 yen or $1.20? The hotel is located in Fukuoka City in Japan. It is very cheap compared to any other hotels and it seems that the hotel accommodation is just for free.

It may be a very cheap accommodation but there is also a catch as the guests of the hotel will be on their live streams while he or she is staying at the hotel. Your every move can be seen, that is why you should not do any unusual things that you do not want other people to see. Privacy is not considered in this place.

This place is great for backpackers especially nowadays that people knew about some other hotels which have a lot of hidden cameras inside their rooms which their guests didn’t really know.

The $1 worth of hotel accommodation is not that bad because the Japanese-style rooms where the guests sleep on a mat on the floor are very clean and comfortable. Although it was not a 5-star hotel accommodation, it is still an amazing option. The rooms don’t have a lot of furniture and solely for sleeping purposes only. It was a great thing that the shower area of the hotel doesn’t have a camera! Nice isn’t?

On the other hand, there is no private bathroom and the guests should share the common toilets with one another. But to most travelers, it is not actually a problem. It was really a one of a kind hotel accommodation but it was not really that bad at all especially when you just wanted to have a good night’s sleep and you are tight on your budget as well.