Jak Roberto celebrated his birthday in Japan together with his girlfriend, Barbie Forteza!

“Time is Gold” as many people would always say about giving importance to time. Time is very important in almost every single thing in this world and almost anything under the sun. This is one of the things here on Earth that we can never ever turn back or return whatever things we tried to do. When time passed you by, there will be nothing you can do. That is why the value of time we have should always be for our loved ones and for the special people in our lives.

Just like this lovely celebrity couple, Jak Roberto and Barbie Forteza who spent their time very wisely and in the most romantic way they could ever do. Jak Roberto had celebrated his birthday together with Barbie in Japan. They had a great time together as they celebrated Jak’s birthday. He posted in his Instagram account just recently that he is already very rich for having all the time of his girlfriend spent with him. He posted this together with his photo in Sapporo Clock Tower.

They also enjoyed their moments together in Mt. Moiwa which elicited countless comments and reactions from their million fans and supporters. This couple really looks beautiful together. A lot of their fans couldn’t help but admire them for being so in love for each other even though they have been together for several years already.

Jan Rommel “Jak” Osuna Roberto is a 26-years-old Filipino actor, model and singer. He was a member of the trio boy band “3LOGY” alongside Jeric Gonzales and Abel Estanislao. He has a younger sister named Shaira Lenn Osuna Roberto, popularly known under the stage name Sanya Lopez. Jak and Barbie had been together as a couple for more than two years already. They are one of the most admired and followed celebrity in the show business industry today.