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Ivana Ilawi shares about their getting-to-know stage of a hot Kapamilya actor!

Mariam Al-Alawi is professionally known as Ivana Alawi, a rising actress, and model in the show business industry. She is a half-Filipino and half-Arab who lived with her father in Bahrain. She had her first television appearance in the afternoon drama Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi portraying as the character of Rina, the alluring friend of Mich that was portrayed by Barbie Imperial.

She also played a role in one of the longest-running primetime television show in the Kapamilya network, “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsiyano” as Madonna. Madonna’s character is the captivating and gorgeous girlfriend of Gustavo portrayed by the late veteran actor Eddie Garcia. Her recent television appearance was on the now-defunct show “Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa”, as Lolita del Rio the goal-driven champion debater and lawyer.

During her interview with the King of Talk Boy Abunda she answered some questions about her personal life and one of those are the speculations that she was being courted by Dan Fernandez who was an actor turned politician. She denied the allegations and explained that Congressman Dan Fernandez is just one of his friends. She further explained that she would sometimes went out with friends but she clarified that there is no romantic relationship between them.

There was also a part of the interview where she will guessed the name of the actor that Boy Abunda would describe and will later tell if the man on the photo courted her before or what reaction she would have if he would court her in the future. The first photo was Kit Thompson, her love interest in her recent television appearance in “Sino ang May Sala? Mea Culpa” but she said that he didn’t court her and he is currently in a relationship and she didn’t want to damage any relationship of anyone. The next photo was RK Bagatsing whom she find cute and she would definitely entertain if ever he would court her in the future. The third photo was Coco Martin who was her ultimate crush in the industry and she even described him as “super hot”.

She had also surprised everyone as she revealed that she is being courted by a fellow Kapamilya actor whom she refused to reveal the name as she didn’t want to ruin what they are having right now. But she promised that when they finally become official as a couple she would definitely tell people about it.