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Instead of a bridal car, this bride used a sidecar for her wedding day!

Every person’s dream is to marry the person they loved the most. One of the happiest feelings you will ever experience is the moment you see him or her walk down the aisle as he or she stares as at you with his or her teary eyes. Having your dream wedding is not as easy as it used to be because you will definitely exert a lot of effort, time and money. But there are still simple weddings that many of us celebrate. Despite the money we spent or the signature clothes we wear, it is most important to be contented, satisfied and blessed when that special moment came to reality.

A wedding is a celebration of two people’s union as one. Even though life is hard, we can do the things we can in our own simple ways. We can surely do anything just to make such a special day a successful and memorable one. We, Filipinos are indeed creative, innovative, and imaginative in nature. No wonder that the father of the bride had a brilliant idea in using his sidecar to bring his daughter to her wedding. Being a father, you will do everything for your daughter’s wedding isn’t?

Recently, a father named Carlos had done something special for her daughter Kaycee Pitao Jose. Maybe they could not afford to rent a bridal car that is why Tatay Carlos used his sidecar for his daughter bride to safely bring her in St. Vincent de Paul Parish Church. It was also their mode of transportation going home to their house in Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur where they held the reception last May 10.

This has been a great lesson to many people that even though you are not rich, or you just have a simple life, your wedding should not be very expensive and very glamorous.

What’s important is the presence of your loved ones, friends and relatives on your very special day. It was indeed an amazing and incredible love of a father to his child.