Indian national was emotional as he revealed his Pinay wife’s infidelity!

True enough that it is very difficult and challenging to maintain a romantic relationship. Many people get tired, while some other people cheat. Although they may have their own reasons for it, it was really a heartache and an unforgivable experience.

When we enter a romantic relationship, we are surely and definitely confident that we love our partner, we respect him or her and would always support them all the way. Unfortunately, there were really times when both of you gets tired of all the problems, and all the things about a relationship. Some couples survived all those struggles but some didn’t make it and sadly, they just give up.


This Indian national was very emotional as he complained about his Pinay wife who cheated on him. He is complaining about his wife, Jocelyn D’ Costa. The Indian national husband was

later known as Roscoe D’ Costa. He has proof that his wife is cheating on him. With him are some sweet photos of his wife and some of her boy friends. The wife revealed that the reason why she left her husband is that she couldn’t take anymore the foul odor of his armpit and even his breath! The allegations were denied by the foreign national and said that he always take a bath.

The wife also revealed that her husband would always hÜrt her physically. On the other hand, Roscoe said that he sacrificed his decent and well-paying job abroad just to be with his wife.

The Indian husband sought help from the popular program of Raffy Tulfo and because the latter saw the sincerity in the foreigner’s eyes he advised Jocelyn to talk to her husband because he can easily sue her in court because of the pieces of evidence he has. But maybe they can still find forgiveness in their hearts.