High school graduates can now have a chance to apply for a flight attendant job!

If you love to travel and wanted to go to different parts of the world, being a flight attendant or a pilot is the best job for you. Because it is a job where you can earn enough money and visit amazing tourist destinations all over the world. If many people are afraid about the huge expenses of studying such course, they will all be surprised that today it is now possible to achieve such dream as some airlines or companies already offer a “study now pay later” program for deserving students.

It was just recently when a Facebook post of “Become a Flight Attendant Philippines” Facebook page posted an announcement about the qualifications that different airline companies need inside and outside the country. For the local airlines like Cebu Pacific, PAL, PALEX, and Air Asia doesn’t have any age limit on their applicants and anyone can also apply even if they are already married with or without child. But for some international airlines companies like Oman Airlines, applicants should only be up to 31 years old and only single applicants are needed. It was also indicated that dentures and braces are not allowed.

Flight attendants or cabin crew doesn’t only serve food and some needs of the passengers inside the plane as they are also responsible on the safety and convenience of all the passengers all throughout their flight until they had reached their destination. According to DOLE, the salary of entry level flight attendants can range from P18,000 to P26,000 in a month. For those flight attendants who already have several trainings and experiences had P36,000 to P54,000 salary every month. If you really wanted to have this kind of job, you should make sure that you can pass all the requirements and qualifications of the company as they also have strict policies.