Eat and Run: Guests of this newlywed run away after eating at the wedding reception!

It was indeed true that weddings are one of the most celebrated occasions in the life of many Filipino people especially to women. A lot of time, effort, and money was alotted into it. Most women dreams of having the grandest wedding they could ever have that will forever be in their mind and heart. On the other hand, there are still some people who wanted their wedding to be simple and intimate and they wanted to be more practical as they start they new life and their new family.

But the best and memorable experience of a wedding had been very disappointing when a professional photographer known as James Balmeo shared a not-so-typical story of this couple whom he didn’t mentioned the name for their sake. The guests eventually melts away and literally run away after they ate and the newly weds were left so disappointed and sad on what happened.

The photographer could not help but share awareness and lesson to other people as well as his dismay on the wedding guests who were supposed to be together with the newly weds for the celebration of their union until the end of the program. The photographer had also spoken up all of his disappointments in some of the people who were invited on that special event not knowing the real essence of the wedding. There were also evidences taken as the couple’s guests went out the wedding reception right after they eat.

This incident had opened the eyes of a lot of people to be much more sensitive and considerable of the feelings and emotiona of other people. The uploader of the photos didn’t revealed the names of the newly-wed couple but he did surely remind a lesson to many Filipino people. We should always be reminded of the good things other people did for us.