Groups who wanted to relax on a vacation suffered an accident but instead of ensuring their safety the tour agency had charged them with “penalty” for cancellation of their tour!

A group went viral on social media because they supposed to be vacation became an extreme nightmare! The netizen known to be Billyjoe Baronda shared their bad experience on social media.

They availed an exclusive tour for their family but it ended up that the tour agency added two people they said owners of the van but the two individual confessed that they were actually joiners. At the very last minute of their tour, the tour agency changed their driver who was actually a first-timer driver going in Sagada tour. The said tour agency also changed their van right after they pay the down payment.

Their group wanted to sue the tour agency but they just had an amicable settlement just to shorten the issue. They demanded a total refund after the life-threatening accident they had encountered along with some children and senior citizens.

Instead of having a 3-day vacation in Sagada they only had a round trip tour because of the accident that occurred to them. It was very unfortunate to face such a tragic scenario with your family but whaat’s most terrifying was that they were charged 500 peso cancellation fee as they canceled their tour because of the said incident. The tour agency did not pay their transient house as well and their hospitalization bills. Tour agencies should be the one to take care of their clients as well as to ensure their safety and security always.

Source: Rachfeed