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Gretchen Barreto finally spoke up how her niece Dani Barreto was raised!

Gretchen Barreto broke her silence about the viral video that her niece Dani Barreto had posted online. Dani Barreto revealed on her uploaded video her dissatisfaction towards her biological father Kier Legaspi whom she doesn’t have a chance to live with because she only had her mother who raised her alone. Gretchen Barreto doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it but she just wanted to remind her niece about how she was taken good care and loved by her aunt Gretchen and Claudine.

The veteran actress also added that she treated the firstborn of her sister Marjorie Barreto as the apple of her eye as she doesn’t have a child that time. Gretchen and Claudine had also reminisced all the things that Dani’s mother had gone through and how they took care of both of them. When asked if they will be going to Dani’s wedding if they were going to be invited, she immediately said “No.”

Source: PEP