GF breaks up with BF because he could not afford to buy her expensive gifts, she said that love without money is useless!

For this young woman, love without money is useless! She told her boyfriend those words that hÜrt him so much. They broke up because of her and that was her greatest regret in life. According to an article in “World of Buzz”, the girlfriend shared their story online. She narrated that they had met during their first year at the university. They get along well and fall in love with each other afterward.

The man hails from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, and his girlfriend managed to convince him for them to stay together after graduating in college. They enjoyed every single day they were together. The young lady found a job at a small company while the young man works at a bank near Kuala Lumpur Sentral train station with an RM2,500 or $600 salary. They rented a small room near her workplace so that the guy can walk her to her office every morning before heading out to work.

Several months passed and she became dissatisfied with their life together. The young lady feels that their relationship was not romantic enough and that she wanted more from him. She gets jealous with her other friends as their boyfriends gave them a lot of expensive bags, and other luxurious gifts. But her boyfriend would often give her practical gifts like a Bluetooth speaker, electric toothbrush and mixer. She even wanted to be on a vacation but because her boyfriend spends RM1,000 at their home expenses every month, he doesn’t have any money for that anymore.

There was a time when her boyfriend prepared a luxurious dinner for her but she didn’t appreciate it. He explained to her that he couldn’t afford to buy her branded accessories and luxurious bags even if he worked hard for 3 years! He asked her girlfriend if she was not happy living with him and she answered that she was not happy because she believes that love without money is useless! He was hÜrt with his girlfriend’s words but he still loves her the most and wanted her to be happy, even without him.

He went back to his home and left the young woman alone. She was able to pay her rent on her own and do the things she wanted to do before but she realized that she really misses the guy. Unfortunately, it was too late for her to apologize as he already left her. But more than that, she learned her lessons that she will remember for the rest of her life.