From a former aircraft cleaner to becoming a pilot after his hard work and determination after 24 years!

Each of us have their ultimate goal in life. Many wanted to finish their studies first more than anything else and to move a step higher after graduating. There are also some young children who wanted to pursue business rather than exploring the world as employers. A number of successful individuals in the world started at the very bottom of their chose career before experiencing all the victories and failures they had overcome.

Just like this man whose name is Mohammad Abubakar. At a very tender age, he really wanted to have his education into a higher level. From a small town in Nigeria, he traveled to Kaduna Polytechnic to enroll. But unfortunately, because of his late submission of his basic requirements he was not able to enter college. Because he knew that he should not be wasting any time because of what happened to him, he decided to find a job and he was hired as an aircraft cleaner at Kabo Air with a daily salary of 200 Nairas or USD 0.50.

Even though many people are saying a lot of negative things about him because of his job, he continued working hard which his superiors saw and admired about him. Because of his hard work, commitment, and passion of what he is doing, he was given an opportunity to work as a ground staff. According to Mohammad, he had almost worked with all the units in the company throughout his service except security and that experience helped him a lot in the aviation sector.

He was later promoted as a cabin crew member with a salary of 17000 Naira. He worked there for 8 long years and then he moved to Aero Contractors. He also became a flight attendant in the oil and gas department stationed to work with their chartered services. After some time, he later venture in the scheduled services for the flights where he once again proved his credibility.

According to some reports, the Deputy Managing Director was very impressed with Mohammad’s attitude towards his work that is why he raised his salary into 170,000 Naira. Mohammad was astounded to received such amount that he even returned his paycheck thinking that it was not his. With this amount of money he never put to waste but he saved for his dream of becoming a pilot someday. He saved all of his salaries to fund his Private Pilot License training in Canada.

He the became a registered pilot as he returned to Nigeria but he needed to have a commercial pilot license to fly a plane but he had no more money to fund his commercial pilot license.

As he discussed the situation to their Deputy Managing Director, he offered assistance and even sponsorship for Mohammad’s commercial pilot license in Canada! And now, he is already a pilot in Azman Air, what an amazing and inspirational story it is!