Farmer’s payslip earned a lot of negative reactions from the public as it was only worth P200!

A farmer’s payslip earned enormous reactions and comments from the netizens where it actually shows a farmer’s salary in a week in one of the “haciendas” in Negros. It was allegedly shared by the “Unyon Ng Manggagawa sa Agrikultura” o UMA.

A certain netizen named “Achinette Villamor” shared a photo of a payslip that only costs 200 hundred pesos. The netizen explained that unfortunate and poor people are not lazy they just become poor because of the limited opportunities that were given to them. “A Filipino farmer working at the Hacienda Najalin gets paid Php 200 a week. That’s less than 4 Euros; or 5 USD, give or take. The poor are not poor because they’re lazy. They’re poor because they are kept that way. Giving them a few kilos of rice and canned goods as the subsidy is a band-aid solution. It trivializes their struggles.’ Villamor said. Villamor further explained; “What our farmers need is full enforcement of their rights: the right pay for a day’s work, for starters.”

These are the comments and reactions of the netizens:

“This is not a decent wage, no matter where in the world!”, “They need access to other opportunities, training, chances to learn new skills. They are paid a low wage because whoever is paying can set it low, they know the worker is replaceable. With more choices for the worker, there will be fewer people to accept these low wage jobs and the wages will increase. The kicker is new opportunities require investment, the capital. That comes from people who have it, not the government.”

“Regular farmworkers in the Visayas, especially Negros where this was taken are provided free housing. Even seasonal labor are housed so that they can stay closer to work, especially during harvest season. This specific payslip might be low but it doesn’t reflect the whole story. Agriculture, in general, is not considered a very appealing line of work and for more reasons than low pay. The pay is lower but so is the cost of living.

If it was true or not, 200 pesos for a family or even for a single person can never be and will never be enough especially now that basic commodities increased a lot and it affects a lot of Filipino people especially those who are not fortunate enough with their finances.