Even without funds, this resourceful teacher made a colorful classroom wall by using broken armchairs and sinks!

It was really a sad reality nowadays that many Filipino people still find it very hard to make a living every single day and even going to school is also a great challenge to many.

Many Filipinos face this kind of situation every day but there were still people who are extending their hands to help. This teacher from South Cotabato is one of them. He may not be rich and he may not have a lot of money but he uses his creativity and resourcefulness to decorate and fix one of their classroom walls. He used broken armchairs and sinks and transformed it into colorful ceilings.

The amazing educator was later known as teacher Reynel Calmerin. He graduated college taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Tagum City, Davao Del Norte. He is currently teaching at Polomolok Elementary School in South Cotabato.

His social media post garnered an enormous number of comments and reactions from the netizen. He wrote on his post, “From broken chairs to my classroom wall, para klaro po, itinapon na po iyang mga upuan, kinunan nap o yan ng parts ng pang-repair sa ibang upuan, at saka yang wall sirang lababo po yan.” He said.

The hardworking teacher doesn’t mind the work and effort he has done just to make their classroom beautiful. He was not just creative and innovative but he is also a resourceful one! A lot of netizens could not help but admire him and praised him for his hard work and effort even if it is beyond his duty being a teacher to his students.

He inspires a lot of Filipino people that p0verty and scarcity is not a hindrance if you really wanted to do something beneficial to everybody. You just need to exert some effort and work for it!