Earn 15,000 a month by being a “Siomai” vendor!

Do you want to earn 15,000? Well, you can now effortlessly earn such a big amount in a month by selling “Siomai”. It is something that a certain netizen wanted to show in her social media post. She is none other than Keydee Buenaventura and she captioned it with “Ma, magtitinda na lang ako ng siomai, ma.”

We Filipinos are used to focusing on a pattern, to finish our studies, to get our diplomas, and to get a decent and well-compensated job. It was not wrong to believe this kind of thinking but many people say that it was such a mistake to do so because the real challenge will happen outside the school.

Even though some people didn’t graduate in universities or colleges, they still became successful because of their business mindedness. They take the challenge and the risks of putting up your own business. Keydee Buenaventura saw a job offer that does not have any qualifications but to sell siomai in a cart and you will be able to earn P15,000 a month! It was really a tempting offer, isn’t it?
If the job offer was really true, many people would really be interested in it. Especially nowadays that people find it very hard to find a good-paying and decent job. The post garnered more than 13,000 shares and more than 21,000 reactions as of this writing.

In our society nowadays, we can easily observe that a lot of people who became successful in life are those people who are not afraid of taking a lot of risks and challenges in putting up a business. When you finally have your own business, all you have to do is to give importance to it, to the internal and external customers your business is catering, and to continue praying to God for guidance and for the success.