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Eagle Riggs met the rider who hit him and forgive him easily because of his sincerity!

The public was shocked because of the vehicular accident that happened to Eagle Riggs that immediately surfaced in different social media platforms and on national television. According to some reports, the 52-year-old host and comedian were hit by a motorcycle last August 19 which cause him to have injuries in the face as well as in his legs. It happened around 5:00 am in Barangay Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan while he was crossing the road.

The veteran showbiz personality suffered bruises on his face and a broken right leg. He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital but then later transferred to another where he underwent an operation which requires insertion of metals on his broken leg. According to some sources, he was in Palawan to some shows and he was also planning to visit the popular tourist destinations on the island. Unfortunately, the incident happened and now he is still in the hospital to recover.

The motorcycle driver was later identified as Rey Vincent Pacaldo, Riggs was really determined to file a case against him but when he already met the man his heart just melt and decided to withdraw the charges as Pacaldo visited him in the hospital and sincerely asked for forgiveness.

Riggs also learned that he is a construction worker supporting his family and the rider was very regretful by what he did to him. Riggs just wanted to give the rider a lesson that he should always care for the lives of other people around him especially when he is driving his motorcycle, same goes with how Pacaldo cares for his own family every day.

This incident really captured the hearts of many people as it was never easy to forgive other people that easily especially when that person caused you hard in the first place. But after all, our heart really takes a lot of courage to forgive than to point fingers to other people.