Clint Bondad revealed that there will be no chance for him and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray to be together again!

Clint Bondad is a 25-year-old Filipino Model and actor from the Philippines. He is known for being the boyfriend of Catriona Gray who is a host, singer, model, and beauty pageant titleholder. Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray was also the winner of the Miss Universe Philippines 2018. It is known to the public that the two decided to break-up two months after Catriona was crowned as the Miss Universe 2018.

It was just recently when photos of the Kapuso hunk actor Clint together with Anne JKN, a Thai transwoman and billionaire surfaced on different social media platforms. A lot of netizens speculated that Clint and Anne are already an item because of the sweet photos they post on their respective social media accounts.

Clint had also been bashed by a lot of people saying that he prefers being friends with Anne because she is a billionaire. However, Clint was admired by some netizens as he still manages to be understanding even though there are people who are saying hurtful and mean words towards him and to his friend Anne.

He had also enlightened one of the netizens who asked him if there was a chance for him and Catriona to get back together but he sincerely says no and the netizen should just give up on that very small chance of him getting back with Catriona. However, Clint had also defended his good friend Anne, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JKN Global Media Public Limited Company in Thailand.

People tend to be very judgmental some times. Maybe we should all be sensitive and considerate of the feelings of the people around us. It is not always good to say what you think about a person especially when it will really hÜrt him or her and would make him or her sad after you utter those words.