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Chubby woman before, sexy and gorgeous lady now!

In our society today, it became a standard norm that fat or chubby woman is not as good as a fit and sexy lady. Many Filipino tend to admire and idolize those slim women than the opposite ones. No wonder that a lot of chubby women are being judged by many people especially in social media. But the story of this young lady will definitely inspire you a lot more to love and respect yourself as a woman. Aria Estrella recently posted her weight loss journey in her social media account and many netizens were surprised to know her story. According to her, she was 73 kgs before and now she is stunningly 51 kgs! She had also revealed that at an early age of 19 she was already gaining some weight, it was a very common thing to any woman in their family. Aside from it, she was also broken hearted that time and it had also contributed a lot in her weight gain. There was also a point in her life that she doesn’t feel to care anymore about the way she dressed or her physical appearance. Until one day, she heard how two mean girls talked behind her back. From that moment on, she pushed herself to enroll in a gym and after some time, she just did some workout videos at home to save money.

Source: Ptma