Boyfriend made a chocolate bouquet for his girlfriend’s birthday and their monthsary with his free time at work!

We oftentimes see a lot of different gimmicks and surprises nowadays on social media when it comes to making our loved ones happier than ever. There are a lot of different surprises for parents, for the children, to couples and even to our beloved friends. Some of which are extravagant while some are just simple gifts but are held by so much effort and love.

This may be the reason why this guy made rounds on different social media platforms as she surprises her girlfriend with something special on her birthday. This man-made a very special bouquet of chocolates for her even if he really doesn’t know how to do it the best way it can be.

The netizen was later known as Jefrey Dacir Rodrigueza who shared some photos of him doing such a special bouquet for her girlfriend. It was actually her girlfriend’s favorite chocolates.

Jefrey finished the bouquet at work that is why whenever his boss was there he would immediately hide all his materials. The special bouquet of Jefrey was made from scratch, he even made everything manually.

He had also covered the chocolates with a special paper and finished it with other designs, ribbon, and cards. He shared that it was just once a year when someone very special to us will be celebrating their birthday and why not make it special? The viral post already garnered 13,000 reactions and 29,000 shares as of this writing.

Her girlfriend, Liezl Baldon Dajac was very surprised by her boyfriend’s sweet gesture. She had even posted it on her social media how sweet her boyfriend was. She also added that he is not just good at taking photos but he is also the best when it comes to surprises.

“To the boyfriend na hindi lang magaling mag-picture, magaling din mag-surprise.. Thank you for always making my birthday special. Hindi natin needs ng mga mamahaling regalo. Sapat na yung alam natin na pinaghirapan nila yung ibibigay satin. An effort is a must,” Liezl posted online.