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Barbie Imperial’s wardrobe malfunction at her beach getaway!

Barbie Imperial is a 20-year old actress and model. She was known for her villainous and lead roles and many admire her because of her angelic face and beauty.

Recently, she amazed her fans and supporters as she posts her beach getaway on her social media account. Same as any other women, Barbie came prepared and had her best outfits with her. She had stunning photos wearing a tropical-themed romper, navy blue bikini, and a white see-through cover-up.

But unfortunately, she had a wardrobe malfunction as some of her undergarments were a bit lose for the petite actress. But it never ruined her vacation as she had a very bright idea. She tied and even sewed her clothes! She was very resourceful and ready isn’t? One of her beautiful photos already gained 247,000 likes on Instagram alone as of this writing. She really deserves a relaxation for herself after her hard work and perseverance.


Source: Buzzooks