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Another Filipino invented a unique invention called the water supplemented stove!

Filipinos are known to be a happy person despite the struggles and hardships in life they are going through. One of the major problems in our country today is the increasing number of poverty that affects a lot of Filipino people. Because of limited job opportunities, and good education for people not everyone has the chance and are privileged to have a good and happy life.

But despite all the struggles and hardships in life, Filipinos still managed to be versatile and creative. No wonder that there are Filipinos who invented Armalite, moon buggy, and the fluorescent lamp that we all had benefited ever since. With a number of talented and amazing Filipino inventors we have, the only problem is that the government has very minimal support for them.

The “water supplemented stove” or the stove that uses water was made by a Filipino inventor named Rolly Palladio from Cotabato City. His invention had a very big impact on our country’s economy due to the increasing price of gas and other basic necessities.

The amazing invention helps a lot of Filipino people to save. It also helps a lot when it comes to cooking as you will never have to go out of the house to buy gas for you to be able to cook. The stove can use any liquid as long as it doesn’t have a carbon dioxide in it. It is environment-friendly as well because it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. With the use of this new invention, pollution can be lessened and prevented.

It was amazing to know that there are still some Filipinos who are talented and skilled to be future inventors and had helped a lot of people with their genius inventions. This serves as an inspiration and an eye-opener to many Filipino people and to the authorities as well to help and support our Filipino inventors even more.