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Andi Eigenmann revealed that she regrets having her naturally curly hair rebonded just to fit in!

Are you one of those beautiful Pinay who wanted to have their hair straight just to belong in your peers or just to be in with the latest trend? Andi Eigenmann is guilty about that. But she admitted that she actually regrets having her hair rebonded. During her teenage days when famous leading ladies had to have long straight hair, she admitted that she really hates her naturally curly hair so much!

Because the standard Pinay leading lady has long, straight hair, so I always believed I had bad hair. My hair was not nice because it was curly, so I rebonded it.”

“When I was a teenager when I first started out, I actually had it rebonded because I wanted to look like every A-list leading lady. It was too late when I realized I shouldn’t have done that because my hair d!ed, and I missed my curly hair so much,” she said to PEP.

She decided to have her hair rebonded because she really wanted to be one of those famous leading ladies in television series and movies. Unfortunately, it really damaged her hair and it took her several years to have her healthy curly hair back. To revived her hair, 10 years had passed and she was also in her break away from the limelight.

“Ngayon lang siya bumabalik. It’s just recently that my hair has been reviving. It’s been recent that I’ve seen changes in my hair na parang it’s coming alive. Kasi nag-stop na ako mag-showbiz, so nawala na iyong exposure to blow-dry and iron every single day.” She said.

As a mother of two beautiful children, she wanted to teach them to love their natural hair and skin color more than anything else. Because it is what they really are and it will make them feel a lot more beautiful just like her.