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An old woman passed away after she prepared ma eal for her child in celebration of Mother’s Day!

Mothers are still the best blessings in this world everyone of us dreamed of having. They are the best person we could ever asked for when we are lonely, when we wanted to break down in tears and when we just need a loving and assuring hug. Their love are always unconditional and genuine that you could not ask for more! But as we, their children, grow up we oftentimes forget that they grow old as well. They had given a lot of what they can give just for us to be comfortable and happy in our lives. Little did we know that we take them for granted because we are all busy in our respective careers and in our own families.

Recently, the story of this mother had touched a lot of people especially those netizens who had read her story in different social media platforms. It was several days after the celebration of Mother’s Day when an old woman was discovered in her home lifeless. Her neighbors smell a very foul odor coming from her house that is when they decided to report it to the authorities.

The policemen and the fire department found the lifeless body of the old woman lying in her bed but what gets their attention was the dining table full of delicious foods and it seems that the old woman had prepared a lot of food for someone. Then they had realized that she was actually waiting for her son who works away from home to pay her a visit since Mother’s Day will be celebrated by many people all over the world.

His son who works in Singapore returned to Taiwan after he was told about the eternal departure of his mother. He revealed that his mother expected him to come home to celebrate Mother’s Day but he was not able to come because he is very busy with his work.