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An endangered baby dolphin passed away as the tourist released it from the water just to take a selfie!

Recently, there was an incident about a rare species of baby dolphin found on a beach at Santa Teresita in Buenos Aires. The dolphin was known as the Franciscan dolphins. According to Argentina’s Wildlife Foundation, the rare baby dolphin passed away after the tourist got it from the water and passed from one tourist to another to make a selfie with the poor creature.One of the witnesses, Hernan Coria, had caught some pictures showing about the said incident wherein the people just left the poor dolphin on the sand after they passed it from one another and took a selfie. Animal experts revealed that the Franciscan species are rare and they are only 30,000 of it in the world.
Animal experts from Argentina also revealed that Franciscan dolphins could not make it above the water for so long. The change of temperature that happened to the dolphin was the reason that it passed away a few moments after it was removed from the water by the tourist.



Source: The camfirethoughts