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Amazing benefits of onions in our body!

Many people tend to use herbal medicines nowadays because they wanted it more natural and fresh rather than over the counter medicines. Did you know that onions are not just for cooking? It also had a lot of good benefits to our body.

It is rich in sulfur that is the main reason for its strong smell that can cure some diseases. It is also composed of flavanoid particularly Quercetin that is a good antioxidant. It can also be used as an antibiotic. By simply putting some onions in your socks before you sleep you will definitely experience these amazing benefits: It can be a great help for your inflamed glands, to release toxins in our body, can cure pain in the ear, it can also be a treatment to colds. Who would have thought that putting onions in your socks overnight can actually give you all these health benefits?


Source: Thecamfirethroughts