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Alfred Vargas sweet anniversary message to his wife amazes the public!

We follow quite a lot of wonderful love stories of our favorite celebrity couples. They would often inspire many of us because of their humble beginnings and the kind of family they have now. It was just very recently when one of the most admired celebrity couple today celebrated their wedding anniversary. The very sweet message of actor turned politician, Alfred Vargas to his wife, Yasmine Vargas garnered a lot of comments and reactions from the people. Alfred shared on his social media account that it has already been 11 years ago when they met each other.

It was also known to some people that Yasmine was a fan of Alfred Vargas when he was still active in the show business industry but now, Alfred is already the fan of his wife Yasmine. He also shared how amazed and stunned he is as he would always see the beauty of his beloved wife inside and outside. It was also very sweet of him to say that he is such a lucky guy because of Yasmine and that it always feels good and it was really such a blessing to wake up beside Yasmine.

Some of the phrases that moved a lot of netizens were the lines of Alfred’s message as he promises that he will continue to court his wife even though they were already old and their hair was already gray. Those words of admiration, love, and gratefulness really captured the hearts of many Filipinos. Yasmine and Alfred are really meant for each other and they really make a lovely and beautiful couple.

Alfredo Paolo Dumlao Vargas III or simply Alfred Vargas is a 37-year-old public servant, television hist, entrepreneur, actor, and model. Alfred and his wife Yasmine are blessed to have three beautiful and adorable children namely: Alexandra Milan Vargas, Aryana Cassandra Vargas, and Alfredo Cristiano Vargas IV.