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A simple lifestyle theme of a pre-wedding photo shoot in Laguna amazes the public!

Recently, a pre-wedding photoshoot of this couple astounded a lot of netizens not because of its expensive and glamorous theme but because of it was simple and very realistic. It also implies the different scenes a married woman or man should expect every day.

On the Facebook page of ChuckShots, several photos of this lovely couple made rounds in different social media platforms showcasing their love for each other as simple as it seems but made very special because they are together. The viral photos were taken in Brgy. San Miguel, San Pablo, Laguna last May 27, 2019. The viral post had a caption that states; “We promise each other’s acceptance of flaws, here’s our love through life’s simplest forms. For better and for worst. We have us.”

The couple was known as Mhajoy and Jocjoc, who seem very happy and contented on the simple things they have in life as long as they are together. Some of their viral photos are about a couple who cooks a meal together, they also had a photo while sweeping and cleaning their backyard, while the husband was cutting woods, there are also photos of the couple while washing their clothes, the wife was fixing her finished laundry on the clothesline. The photos of the couple while doing the household chores really amazed every Filipino, as it is the real scenario inside a home where the wife and the husband help each other in building their own home and their own family.

As of this writing, the viral photos had already gained more than 21 thousand reactions, 13 thousand shares, and thousands of comments from many netizens.

True enough that marriage can always be as simple as you wanted it to be. As long as you know what kind of a life-changing experience you are into. Marriage is a sacred union of a woman and a man decided to take care of each other for better and for worst and to build their own family together.