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A photo of this 90-year-old grandmother went viral online as she silently and secretly sheds tears on her granddaughter’s wedding!

Grandparents are one of the best blessings and the best person in the world you could ever have! They are very loving, very caring and a lot of grandchildren knew that! Especially those who grew up with their grandparents. It has been a usual set-up for many Filipino households to have their respective grandparents took care of the children while their parents are busy working.

But seeing your grandchildren have their own family will definitely a little bit emotional for our beloved grandparents. No wonder that this grandmother could not contain her tears as she saw her granddaughter on her wedding day. The old woman seems to secretly cry in silence as the bride, her granddaughter, went out of their house to attend to her wedding ceremony. We all know that as people aged, they became more and more emotional, but it is reasonable enough for our loving grandparents to feel it that way as they loved their grandchildren very dearly and they could not even imagine seeing them away from the family.

The love of our grandparents is truly unconditional and genuine. You could never ever find anyone in this world to replace them in your life. That is why, as long as you are with your grandparents, as long as you have the chance to show them how much you loved them and how much they really mean to you, show them, let them know how special and important they are in our lives. And we should always remind them that we will never be gone in their lives if it is already the time for us to marry the one we love, but instead it will be a start of a new journey in our lives as married individuals but it will never ever lessen the amount of love we have for them.